About Doctor Solomon’s

A Letter from Our Founders, Laura & Rebecca

“Leave a place better than we found it.” As sisters, we were raised to practice this principle every day. For us, it’s more than an ideal, it’s a way of life in our family.

We witnessed first-hand as our mother, Dr. Diane Solomon, a physician and scientist, challenged accepted standards for women’s healthcare. Diane’s pioneering clinical research established the modern medical guidelines for the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer. Her work made a huge impact on the lives of women that continues to this day.

In 2016, we saw our opportunity to challenge the status quo and push forward the emerging field of medical cannabis. Together, we built a brand based upon scientific evidence that cannabinoids can help people limited by ailments and discomfort to take back control of their lives. The result is a diverse range of reliable cannabis products for those seeking serious relief.

Inspired by our mother, we hope to make a lasting impact with every product we create. With this mission in mind, we could think of only one name: Doctor Solomon’s.

When your mother is a renowned research physician, you’re instilled with a healthy respect for the rigor of scientific evidence. At Doctor Solomon’s, we firmly believe in applying scientific standards to the development of our medical cannabis products.

Our unique approach combines scientists, caregivers and other professionals with both traditional medicine and cannabis experience. Our team’s diverse expertise is critically important to confidently creating efficacious products.

All of our manufacturing processes are built on best-in-class standards and practices at every stage. This includes selecting only high-quality ingredients, in addition to premium cannabis, with other known benefits that enhance your experience using our products.

We work tirelessly to discover better formulations for delivering advanced relief. Whether that means fine tuning potency for targeted relief or developing more effective ways of delivering cannabinoids to the body in a broad range of forms, we’re constantly improving our products so you can improve your quality of life.

Because ultimately, we believe that we all deserve to find our own path to relief.

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